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Glamour shots are for women BAGman Studio is for men

EMILIO for his model portfolio


Rates & Services 

 Portraits from BAGman go beyond your standard mall photography studio.BAGman captures a picture that is more a work of art that captures not just your outside but your inner being.



 If you need a picture for business purposes whether its for print for your wall or as an image to upload to a website, BAGman delivers the same individual service to create a professional captivating image



Come in for a session to have a single look or several looks for a complete portfolio. You can get pictures to give to the family, pictures to give to someone special, sensual pictures to use on the internet or just for personal reasons. The actual photo session for each look takes from 45 minutes to an hour, but according to my clients the results and

 " The experience is worth it". 





Physique Photography

A number of men put in multiple days at the gym or in their homes working out shaping, sculpting and preserving their bodies. Let BAGman studio record your effort.Using knowledge of lighting, angles, and poses we will create unforgettable pictures of an unforgettable you.


Model Portfolios

Model portfolio are done under the main studio's name Ransom House Studio. Ransom House has helped a number of new models get noticed in this crowded industry and has helped some more veteran models add a little " pop and sizzle to their current portfolio. Sessions for model portfolios are 3 hours, but the time past extremely fast. All images for a modeling portfolio get professional level editing that may include some photo enhancements and





Like a trip to any professional, going to a professional photographer is not something you would do every week and not even every year for most people.It is a special appointment where you will receive individual, private, and if need be discreet service. The standard charge is $100 per hour of shooting time. The time we spend in the beginning discussing your session, the time afterward reviewing the pictures, and the editing time is included in that price. The studio does provide on location services to at an additional fee because of travel and time.  You will receive two CDs of the session. One of the proofs and one of the finished product. Some clients have chosen to receive their images by email that can be done also. Prints can be ordered from wallet size to 13x19. Fro quality and privacy purposes all prints are done at the studio.You can expect to get at least 50 proofs and 20 finished pictures per hour of shooting time.Some clients have chosen not to get the full 20 finished pictures, I leave that up to you. There are also instances where the session is so remarkable that I add a few finished edits to the CD.All Client session are private and the images will not be used for any use by the studio unless permission is given by the client.