BAGman Studio

Glamour shots are for women BAGman Studio is for men

Every once in a while I work with someone who captures my creative energy. My meeting and working with Kevin was one of those occassiions. Eventhough we had communicated via phone and email I still did not know what to expect. What transpired over the two days was the creation of a beautiful display of masculine sensuality.


I always like to start any session with the person fully clothed. I belive it helps the both of us get comfortable with the others energy. During this stage I have the person disrobe step by step. It helps the person in front  of the camera relax and release their natural sensual energy.


At this point we can see where the session will lead. We change props and background to see what what transpire.

The Beauty of Red


A switch to black heightens the sensual tone

Natural Light

I use a secondary studi room for a more natural feel.

Interlude During the Day

Artistic Editing

My favorite part of the process is when i can use my imagination and add to the backgrounds or put the person in a totally different setting.

The Wreck

Black and White

One of the best things about digital photographe is to be able to transform an image to classic black and white. I hope you enjoy the work of Kevin and take a look a his folder in the gallery. Drop me a line and let me know what you think. 

A Session with Kevin